Random linkings 2007-02-15

  • I’m sure Mark can agree with this post on How To Tell If You’re Watching A Bad Nicolas Cage Movie – although I do have to say that I enjoyed Trapped in Paradise. (via Jess)
  • In the “falling into an open manhole is funny” category, we have a guy getting shot when mistaken for a river rat. I don’t have an actual link, but it doesn’t matter – you can’t make this stuff up. So just read Scott Adams take on it.
  • Thinking of skydiving? Watch this video and think again (note: I couldn’t get the video to work in Firefox for some reason). That thud is one of the most sickening/terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard. (thanks to Kottke)
  • Sometimes I wish thousands of adoring Internet users would flock to my site in order to read my witty posts. Then I see the potential fan mail and wonder if I should delete this site so that people like that won’t know I exist.
  • Hmm, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger and I agree on something more than just the fact that Commando is the greatest action movie ever made – namely that California doesn’t necessarily need the bloat of the rest of the US. A note for mizerchik: I hate the “extreme liberalism” of California, too, but I loves me some secession discussion!
  • And on a final note, I’m not the only person confused by the cute baby proclamations.

There, some more tabs are cleared.

4 thoughts on “Random linkings 2007-02-15”

  1. The only Nick Cage movies that I conciously register as enjoying as legitimately good movies are Moonstruck and Raising Arizona. Fast Times isn’t quite his movie, but one he happens to be in, and Valley Girl is like totally awesome in that great crappy 80s movie way. Honeymoon in Vegas had moments of amusement, mostly due to skydiving Elvises and while Ghost Rider does look like a flaming turd, I have suspicions that it might be a fantastically awful flaming turd while drunk – the dead eyed goth chick in the trailer cracks me up.

    Oh, and the shameful girly part of me would like to quietly chime in that City Of Angels wasn’t that bad.

    As for secession – bring it on! I think it’s definitely a worthwhile topic of discussion and have been following the Free State Project for a while now.

  2. “Ghost Rider does look like a flaming turd, I have suspicions that it might be a fantastically awful flaming turd while drunk”
    This is likely a theory that John and I will put to the test sometime real soon. We’ll keep you posted.

  3. Amen on the “cute” babies. I can’t even muster a pretend “Aww…how cute!” when I meet a baby anymore. Needless to say, that’s bad news with all my cousins and in-laws having babies in the past year or so.

    I think I’m going to brave Ghost Rider this weekend, just for the sake of reviewing it for my site. Wish me luck. 😉

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