Tab Apocalypse

I managed to screw up my sessions yesterday despite my cool setup in Firefox and closed over 20 tabs that I was checking out and possibly linking…

Oh well, there’s too much crap on the Internet anyway. There is at least one link that I can’t forget – this weekend zefrank posted the final episode of the show. I wish I had watched it more regularly, because it was one of the best executed ideas on this wacky thing called the Internet. At least the archive will remain for those who want to go through it.

I never even thought to check before, but it turns out that zefrank does maintain a blog. I was very excited to subscribe, only to be confronted with a partial feed (i.e. the entire entries do not show). What’s even more bizarre is that his entires are only little snippets to begin with! So I have to click out of Google Reader to go to his page to read the last few words. That’s just silly.

I’ve recently just been unsubscribing from sites that use partial feeds (The Sneeze and finslippy are two examples) because it interrupts the flow of reading. If you really want me to visit your site, make the content good enough that I’ll feel compelled to comment or give me some other added reason to click through. If you really need the advertising revenue, just throw one on at the end of the feed anyway – that doesn’t bother me at all. But I skip reading half of those entries anyway because I never get around to reading it at the site itself. So either way, you’re losing me as a reader.

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