Flood waters

Yesterday I had to park across the street from work because the Passaic River had blocked off our parking lot. A few hours later, those who had made it in gathered up everything and headed home as the river advanced further and further up the street. Of course, I didn’t bring my camera to capture the bizarre look of it all.

Today they didn’t even risk that much and shut down – except for those of us that could work from home. It’s days like these that I wonder why so many people want laptops from work. People seem to think laptops let you stay at home to work more often – but in reality they let you work more often when you’re at home. If you get my meaning.

The basement over here has long since dried up (well, there are a couple puddles), and my back is recovery from the continuous actions of fill wet/dry vac, lift to slop sink, and empty wet/dry vac. Try doing that about 50 times with 5 gallons of water each iteration – oh, and occasionally let the sink back up so that you have to carry the vac upstairs to the toilet. But considering the situation some people find themselves in after this storm, I’m not that bothered by it.

But you better believe I’ll be getting a sump pump installed one way or another this summer.

One thought on “Flood waters”

  1. One of my coworkers lives in Bound Brook, and hasn’t been back to his house since being evacuated late Sunday night. Don’t know why I wanted to share this, but I did anyway.

    You should throw an olde Amish sump pump installation raising party. I’ll bring chips!

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