Tab clearance 2007-04-20

I have other things to post about, but man do I need to clear some tabs first.

  • Fortunately, the Woman doesn’t read defective yeti, otherwise she’d have a new term to describe my most annoying trait: e-social.
  • Things I really want: This foosball table (thanks to kottke) and these“>glasses.
  • King of the Cul-de-Sac – holy crap, who would have thought “white boy rap” could be so funny? And I totally need that “Self-made Hundredaire” t-shirt.
  • As for the regular variety of rap, Snoop Dogg reminds us all that it’s still only OK for black rappers to be racist and mysogynist because, you know, they’re speaking from the heart, motherf***er. (thanks to kottke)
  • Things are not going well for Internet Radio, but you can check out The SaveNetRadio Coalition to see how to help.
  • Then again, after reading an interview with the head of an INDIE label, I’m not sure that I even want to help them. I reiterate my threat, that very soon I will just outright stop buying any and all CDs until that industry can figure itself out (I’ve already stopped buying DVDs).
  • But… but… violating copyright laws is exactly like raping a goat, isn’t it? Nice try again, Scott. I understand you like to make money without putting any work into it, who wouldn’t?
  • I’m just wondering if Kongo Gumi are going to have really cheesy, late-night commercials celebrating how their loss of a 1400 year-old business means crazy savings for you. “Our ancestors ran this business for a millennium before America was colonized, yet we screwed it up. How lucky for you! All temples must be sold!” (thanks to kottke)
  • I readily admit that I enjoyed the Microsoft “Wow” commercials, but “Mesmerized” commercial for Office 2007 is utterly brilliant. The rest of the series (which I still need to watch) is listed on istartedsomething. Of course if these videos had been done by Apple, they be praised long and hard across the Internet – since it’s Microsoft, you’ll see every flaw pointed out in comments.
  • And in case you missed the past decade of funny clips on the Internet, here they are.
  • Renée C. Byer won a Pulitzer this year for her collection of 20 photographs following single mother of 5, Cyndie Madsen, as she lost her 10 year-old son, Derek, to cancer. One of the most compelling galleries I’ve ever seen, I could not make it through to the end.
  • I won’t leave you guys on such a downer, please watch these bunnies over and over again until you feel happy again.

I’ll get back to my real life tonight…

2 thoughts on “Tab clearance 2007-04-20”

  1. Snoop Dogg reminds us all that it’s still only OK for black rappers to be racist and mysogynist

    Did you catch the “N-word” segment on the Daily show a while back? John Oliver and Larry Wilmore interview some NYC official; John does most of the talking, pausing awkwardly from time to time so Larry can add “nigger” to the conversation. It’s one of the funnier skits I’ve seen them do in a while.

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