A final word on the flood

My basement is dry. The parking lot at work is open. The roadways are clear. But not everything is back to normal. I didn’t get to take photos the other day on the drive along Horseneck Road, one of the more frequently flooded stretches in the area, but the scene was pretty depressing. Just about every house on the way had a tower of trash at the end of its driveway awaiting pickup. A whole lot of carpet has been rolled up for the garbagemen.

Even though the storm was over last Sunday night, the Passaic River didn’t crest until Tuesday, which resulted in my company shutting down for a day and a half. That’s when the road in front of the building completely flooded, and remained in bad shape until Friday. Even when we came back on Thursday, the water was high enough that we had to park at Target and cross the street. I didn’t bother with photos of my basement, because that really wasn’t anything special, but I did take some photos of the damage near Unigene:

2 thoughts on “A final word on the flood”

  1. This reminds me of the last really bad flood I saw up near me; even though the trip from Fort Lee to Weehawken takes me along mostly high ground, there’s one park along the way that has a bit of a dip to it, and all the cars along the road were submerged that morning. One poor car was up to its windows – not a very comforting site.

  2. Great pictures, Thom, that’s much worse than last year. We didn’t even get any time off last year….say hi to everyone there for me.

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