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Doesn’t TV just suck? No, I don’t mean that it’s not entertaining. I’ve got way too many shows I’m following at this point to not find it entertaining. But do you remember the days when a season began in the fall and went through to spring when re-runs would begin? And you got to watch the entire season in sequence, except with the occasional missed week for a sporting event or political speech.

These long breaks anymore are killing me. I don’t remember “Family Ties” ending episodes with the message that it would return in two months unless, of course, it was the season finale. I got to watch “Growing Pains” and “Mr. Belvidere” without having to figure out some convoluted schedule as to when episode 6 would actually hit the air. Because it was right after episode 5!

Yes, I’m just bitching because the wait for “Heroes” until tonight as been painful. I mean, the show delivers in spades. It’s probably the greatest thing on TV, but having to wait over month for it to continue is ridiculous. “Lost” already suffers from a slow enough pace, the two month hiatuseses… hiati… gaps are just painful. And in the meantime, they’re shuffling around promising new shows like “Thank God You’re Here” for new “reality” crap like “The Wedding Crashers”. Honestly, the Woman and I laughed at it, but we laugh at just about anything remotely humorous. Hell, we’ve been laughing at this skit non-stop since Saturday night.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, “Heroes” rocks. Watch it…

3 thoughts on “TV these days…”

  1. My DVR totally fucked up Heroes for no apparent reason. I think it said it was a repeat and didn’t record it for that. Thankfully I managed to catch it about 20 minutes in and record from there (though it didn’t recognize that the show was going to go 2 minutes over so I missed the awesome ending).

    I’m taping the repeat on Friday. So annoying.

    And yes, Thank God You’re Here isn’t bad. It’s kind of dumb, but funny.

  2. @mizerychik – NBC actually has the full Heroes episodes up on their website. Damn good quality.

    @Chris – Lisa and I had to keep reminding ourselves that it was actually SNL because we kept laughing. And that commercial was the best.

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