Oooo, so pretty

It feels like I’ve switched themes more often than posted as of late. But while reading the response’s to Khaleed’s request for a stripped-down theme template I was directed to Brian Gardner’s themes. Very nice collection. I immediately felt the itch trigger finger moving to download, upload and apply a brand new look. And once I saw the beautiful simplicity of Silhouette, I was sold.

It feels similar to the Spotlight theme I was using earlier, but closer to what I personally wanted. I still love the work that has put out, but until I have time to adapt one of their themes to my own style, I need a little more contrast on this site.

For now I just need to figure out what that ugly search button is doing in the upper right – as if anyone really needs to search this site…

5 thoughts on “Oooo, so pretty”

  1. Just so you know, I did use the search button the other day. I couldn’t remember one of the links you had and I typed in what I thought the title was and found it. I may be the only one. -K

  2. Woohoo! I actually use it on occasion, especially when I want to link to an old entry. Glad to know someone else has used it.

  3. Of course it is. I’d feel guilty if the tons of traffic I send your way dried up and you were forced to close up shop.

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