Along comes Desmond

I held off on the announcement, because I wasn’t sure if my sister Christine and her husband Jason were going to let little Paige name her new baby brother. But it looks like the name has stuck, which means that it’s time to welcome Desmond Rubino into the family. I have to admit, I didn’t realize that Paige was such a big Lost fan. At least Sayid is still available for our first born.

Since Christine has lousy timing, Desmond was born Sunday night. That means I won’t really have the chance to visit until this next weekend. So, until I get a chance to take some photos, you’ll just have to settle for this one of big sister poking her new brother in the eye:

Paige checks Desmond's reflexes.

For those who lost count, that’s number 9 of the next generation. And the boys have a healthy 6 to 3 lead – w00t!

3 thoughts on “Along comes Desmond”

  1. That picture’s a crack-up. Actually, what she’s saying is, “Hey, this eye’s a little off-center, let me move it over just a bit.”

  2. Oh and I love the name Desmond. Sounds so classy!
    I named my daughter Jaclyn after Jaclyn Smith of the original Charlie’s Angel’s fame. I told her that recently because she was complaining about the way I spelled her name (as opposed to the more sophisticated Jacqueline), and then all of a sudden it was OK ’cause she was named after one of Charlie’s Angels. And that was cool. And I should have told her earlier because it was so cool.

  3. I like that spelling better, anyway. My sisters have all picked great names, which is going to make it harder for us to choose when the time comes. I mean seriously: Jack, Connor, Kelly, Caleb, Lucas, Paige, Lily, Cole and Desmond.

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