Normally this would be a pleasant experience

I was poking around my Netflix queue this morning (we’ve been very slow with movies, that’s why I haven’t posted another round of reviews) and noticed a “Watch Now” tab. Apparently it’s been up there for almost half a year, but I’m not that observant. But, hey, 4 or 5 months? I’m sure I’m still the first blogger to mention it, right? Yeah, right.

Anywho, since I had a few moments to kill before I’d be running late for work, I figured it would be a good time to try out the service. So I looked for a movie that The Woman would not be interested in but was lingering somewhere on my queue. When I saw Phantasm listed I knew that was the one. Surprisingly easy to setup, the movie started playing after only a few minutes. Time to get my late 70s horror on!

I was surprised at the cheesiness of the opening music. I mean, I know it was low-budget, but it started off sounding pretty lame. But the soundtrack left my mind pretty quickly when the opening shot shifted to a nipple just about filling my screen. Wait, what was that? Yes, it was a nipple. A giant nipple. Well, I guess it was actually normal size and just seemed giant on the 20″ display. Either way, it was rather confusing. And it was a nipple.

And then I looked at the list again and noticed what might be the problem: I had apparently downloaded Fantasm – soft-core porn disguised as a sex comedy. Whoops, guess I’ll have to remember to double check titles in the future…

2 thoughts on “Normally this would be a pleasant experience”

  1. “since I had a few moments to kill before I’d be running late for work”

    Ahhhh now it all makes sense.

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