Tab clearance 2007-07-20

At this point I’m clearing my tabs once a month. I need to do this every Friday. I’ve got something like 30 tabs open right now. It’s retarded.

  • The AFI updated their top 100 list. Sure, they corrected some glaring omissions (Blade Runner) and way-too-low rankings (The Apartment moved from 93 to 80, still too low) but dropping Sunset Boulevard out of the top ten is almost unforgivable. (thanks to kottke)
  • If you have not discovered the brilliance that is Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, remember Thous Shalt Always Kill!
  • Now if I could just find more information about Pistol Valve – because Fo Fo rocks my socks.
  • I should get one of these Anti-DRM shirts – specifically the winning design. Brilliant! (thanks to Boing Boing)
  • Although I be mizerchick is more interested in this business card
  • If your house was to be demolished, do you think you could be this creative? (thanks to zefrank)
  • What’s the greatest part of the Internet? Everyday you can find a totally new AWESOMEST THING ON THE INTERNET! Suddenly jail seems like a cool place – oh, and the guy in drag deserves a full pardon for whatever he did. (thanks to Boing Boing)
  • Ever wonder what buildings you’re not allowed to photograph? Well, don’t. Either you can go on not knowing and be accused of terrorism when you accidentally photograph the wrong building or you can request the information and be accused of terrorism for wanting to know. (thanks to Thomas Hawk)
  • Which gets me to a great quote from Dave Winer: “We’re never going to get change in this country until we start routinely using the power to impeach and remove officials who aren’t serving the interests of the country.”
  • On a more serious note, when I hear that Hollywood was gearing up to destroy Alvin and the Chipmunks, I immediately had visions of bad CG rodents in horrible, wannabe hip-hop fashions dancing across my head… Aw crap
  • One final note, I found it incredibly ironic that the latest Apple fanboy, Robert Scoble, wrote a post making fun of Nokia users for being fanboys. I was already growing tired of his unabashed evangelism of everything Jobs, but then he made this comment in the same thread: “Not to mention why in the heck do we need another OS? What does Linux do that OSX or Vista doesn’t?” Ugh, that’s one less feed for me to bother reading. Then again, I imagine that 70% of his posts since I hit unsubscribe were about how cool his son’s iPhone is. Yay!

Amazing how many links I decided to just dump instead of including in this mess. But a lot of them were about copyright and DRM, and I just need to write a real post on the subject one of these days. I’ve had plans for starting a podcast for sometime now, but the whole mess with Internet broadcasters has made me second guess that idea.

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  1. How many jailed photographers does it take to keep us safe from radical Islam? The answer is apparently “more than we’ve already harrassed.”

    And, how can you hate any top movie list that now includes LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring? :p

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