Nitro is my hero

Do you know how I know I married the right person? Because I’m spending this Saturday watching reruns of American Gladiators. That’s right, I’m watching episodes of a second third-rate physical “competition” from more than a decade ago. And the entire time I’m giving commentary on how the contestants are doing and what strategies are working. I’m even cheering for some of these people (I really hope Darrell can beat this Bam-Bam freak with his gigantic, blond mullet). Yeah, I’m cheering for some guy as he runs around like a kid on a sugar rush trying to beat out roided up beasts in a game of Powerball. And I am secretly jealous because I always wanted to try out Assault. And do you know what The Woman is doing?


UPDATE: Screw Nitro, Mark Ortega is the GRAND FREAKIN’ CHAMPION. That was possibly the greatest end to a sporting event EVER! He beat that blond pretty boy by flinging his body over a wall and across a finish line. Wherever you are Mark, may you be living life like the champion you are!

UPDATE: Holy crap does the Internet deliver. Here’s the video for you guys:

The key part is about 2:15 into it, but you should WATCH THE WHOLE DAMN THING. It will rock your world!

5 thoughts on “Nitro is my hero”

  1. I so watched that whole thing. They had a few episodes from the first season (if you thought it was cheesy in season 3, season 1 is even worse) during an all day ESPNC marathon and it was hilarious. I always thought that Swing Shot would be the most fun game on Earth – I mean, you’re just flinging yourself randomly through the air. It must be awesome.

    And yes, I cheered when Bam Bam cried.

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – all the world’s problems should be solved with ATLASPHERE.

  3. p.s. damn you both, I now have the theme song stuck in my head.

    And you’re both getting Gladiator names next time I see you 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, I only manage to catch it when they have marathons going on. Which is great, because having to wait a week to see if “Bam Bam” lost could have killed me.

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