One for the Potterheads

Years ago I actually watched one of the Harry Potter movies. I have no clue which one it was, and honestly don’t care – I spent almost the entire time making snide comments to rile up the lone Potterhead watching it with us. And thus, in the midst of this Pottermania that is sweeping up most of the planet and a growing number of my friends, I present you with:

The Top Ten Things to Say During a Harry Potter Movie to Annoy Potterheads:

10. Which one is Frodo?
9. This is nothing – if you want to see great fantasy rent Dragonheart. Brings a tear to my eye every time.
8. Oh, SNAPES on a Plane! Now I get it! Hysterical…
7. That Hermoney chick is HOT!
6. More like DumbleDORK! Am I right or am I right?
5. Wait, I though Lindsay Lohan was in this…
4. Muggle? Hogwart? Squib? Ooooo, this is real, high-brow literary material, isn’t it?
3. Would you mind taking the wizard hat off now?
2. I liked this movie a lot better the first time, when it was called Troll
1. Herminey… Hegemony… Whatever – all I know is I would quidditch it, if you know what I mean.

Any other suggestions?

7 thoughts on “One for the Potterheads”

  1. Well, he has a good threat there. I might have to shut this site down if not for the throngs of readers he sends my way.

  2. Ah, Dragonheart. I new they missed one when they made the new “top 100 movies” list. 😉

  3. I’ll have you know that my all-time best traffic day was after I reviewed the last Potter book, so nyah.

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