Battles – Atlas

File under “music The Woman will absolutely hate me becoming obsessed with”. I was already starting to get into Battles – what can I say, the concept of math rock sets off every geek sensor in my body. But nothing prepared me for their first single off their new album:

And the awesomeness continues – that’s an edited version as the album track breaks 7 minutes. No, this isn’t for everybody, but give it a chance. And, for the love of all that is holy, don’t complain about not being able to understand the vocals – sometimes the human voice is just another instrument.

4 thoughts on “Battles – Atlas”

  1. How is it Math Rock? I saw a computer program flash up at the beginning – do they write a program to develop the music? It has a slight techco vibe to me – like techno without computer aids.

  2. Wikipedia has a decent article on math rock. They sum it up well by saying it is “characterised by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamics and angular, dissonant riffs.” Math rock bands tend to play noisey rock with more complex structures that make it sound “not quite right”.

    This song has an even more pronounced beat to it than much of the music, which gives it the danceable/techno feel.

  3. not to suggest that gibson is our most excellent prophet of all things technological and future-pop, but this is yet another thing he spoke of in such novels as idoru.

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