Eater of Babies

So, you know that caption at the top? You mean you’ve never bothered to look? I’m so disappointed in you. Then again, it sucks. “Back in black… and white”? What the hell does that mean? I started using it way back when I disappeared for most of a month and somehow never came up with something better. But now I’m really sick of it, and the occasional improvement to this site is made (What? You haven’t noticed anything? Check out my cool archives page. Pretty bitchin’, eh?), the really lame remnants of such carefree days need to go.

So, any ideas? So far the only one I can come up with is inspired by this fantastic photo The Woman took of me – apparently in mid-snack:

THOMnottom: Eater of Babies

What do you think? Eater of Babies. Or maybe Read my blog or I’ll eat this baby…

4 thoughts on “Eater of Babies”

  1. Despite the fact that you’re trying to inhale Lily I would love a copy of that picture if you have one because her smile is so funny. – K

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