Who’s got a secret?

Have I ever linked to PostSecret before? One of the best sites on Ye Olde Internets – people write their secrets on postcards and send them in anonymously. Each week a selection is posted that includes a cross-section with sad, happy, intriguing, troubling, beautiful and ultimately uplifting messages. Frank Warren, the creator, has even compiled them into three books with a fourth on the way.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because Frank will be giving a lecture at Ramapo College tomorrow night. I’ve been interested in attending one of these events, so this sounds like as good a time as any, even if it is at least 45 minutes away. So, anyone else out there interested in meeting up or even hitching a ride?

5 thoughts on “Who’s got a secret?”

  1. D’oh! I wish I had read this sooner, Ramapo’s 10 minutes from where I work, and I totally would have gone. I lose.

  2. Hmm… I’ll think about it. What time is it? I fly in tomorrow morning. Do me a favor and e-mail me your cell phone number.

  3. @ Kristen – I ended up not going anyway. Too tired by the time I got home.

    @ Malina – This probably appeared on LJ today rather than late last night. It was actually Friday evening. But if you’re not doing anything Sunday, I might be hitting the Hoboken Art & Music Fest.

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