Last Friday night was a Post Secret event not far from me. Saturday morning was a photowalk across the Brooklyn Bridge. That afternoon we had a going away party for one of The Woman’s cousins (moving to rainier pastures out in Seattle) followed that night by a birthday party for one of her old friends. Sunday during the day was the Art & Music Festival in Hoboken. That would also give me the chance to watch the last regular season for the Phillies and then the Eagles game with a Philly crowd.

So, can you figure out what I ended up doing with all of those options?

Friday night – sat on my ass.
Saturday morning – sat on my ass.
Saturday afternoon – went to in-laws for party.
Saturday night – sat on my ass.
Sunday day – sat on my ass and watched football while following the baseball games on the Internet.
Sunday night – sat on my ass and watched the Eagles game at home.

I am such the social butterfly. At the very least, I refused to let myself talk… myself… out of heading into The City Monday night to catch The Mountain Goats with a friend. That was a good thing – because John Darnielle is just an awesome singer/songwriter and Peter Hughes is inspirational on the bass.

Tonight I have to convince myself that it is certainly worthwhile to head out for dinner with friends, no matter how tempting that sitting on my ass option looks. Fortunately, the wedding tomorrow night is not an event that can be skipped. Because, sadly, I’ve suddenly fallen into a rut where socializing must be an obligation.

2 thoughts on “Laziness”

  1. Hey don’t be ashamed – that ass groove in the couch isn’t going to grow on its own you know.

    Ever hear of a place in Caldwell called the Cloverleaf? They have a nice outdoor dining area. You could always invite us up there and we could go while the weather is nice. Just sayin’.

  2. Wel, I’m glad you guys made it out – I had a blast, and biggest regret is not having a place in the area to host folks for something afterwards.

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