I cannot emphasize how much I loath this state

If you were keeping score this week, I believe it’s something along the lines of New Jersey 5 Me 0. Let’s see, there was the ridiculously out of the way drive home Wednesday night. I managed to not be able to make it into the City to see Mike Doughty with a friend on Thursday night. And today I drove to Paramus twice – yes, that’s right, twice – and still couldn’t get to the Verizon office in time to switch out my TV box. Hmm, that’s 4 – I’m sure there was a fifth time New Jersey kicked my ass this week… we’ll just give it a bonus point. The state certainly earned it…

4 thoughts on “I cannot emphasize how much I loath this state”

  1. i love how there aren’t actually signs marking roads and such. particularly around here… but at least that’s better than where i grew up, with signs just being plain *wrong*. this way to the capitol building my ass, that’s the pentagon.

  2. Eva teases me endlessly for not knowing the backroads to her house, but in my defense half the intersections don’t have the roads labelled, and “turn left at the red Camry that’s sometimes there” doesn’t really count as directions in my book :p

  3. Backroads! What’s with the love of backroads? Oh yeah, sometimes it’s better to go 10 miles and 20 minutes farther than it is to get stuck in traffic on Route 46 for 15 minutes. That’s right, I forgot.

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