Quick thoughts on my fifteen minutes

– Holy crap, is it over already? After the months of waiting and not telling people what happened suddenly, BAM! That’s that. Sure, there’s still the actual money to look forward to, but the show itself just went so fast.

– I looked pretty decent on TV. Until I smiled. I seriously hate my smile. It looks like I went to a blind dentist with a set of busted power tools as a kid.

– Could I have giggled a tad more like a little school girl?

– My mouth was DRY. That seems like a pretty good excuse for why I kept making those weird faces. That’s what I’m sticking with…

– Meredith and I shared some nice moments – alas, I’m already spoken for…

– My best joke was cut out. I was surprised because everybody laughed pretty well at it, and it was a good closer.

– Overall the editing definitely helped me come off as far more cool, calm and collected than I was – even if they trimmed my awesome reasoning that netted me my final question. I did zoom through the early questions rather fast, but not with the ease that it appeared.

– I’ve watched it twice now, and it’s still a tad unreal.

There’s more to come, as I really need to do a breakdown of every question. Thank you to everybody who watched and cheered me on.

8 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on my fifteen minutes”

  1. I DVR’d it but evidently the only one I get is the Regis hosted version, so, damn, I missed it. Any chance of me seeing it some other way?

  2. Congrats! I forgot to set the DVR until the morning of, and by then it was too late to go all the way back home to record it. Hopefully I can watch it some other way.

    Are you on youtube yet? 🙂

  3. I’m going to work on editing out the commercials and then post it on this site. I’ll probably just host it myself and make it available to friends to make sure ABC doesn’t get pissed or anything.

  4. I have it on “tape,” if anyone technologically impaired needs it. In my own defense, my “VCR” is attached to my DVD player, so I have an excuse…

  5. Congrats! 😀

    Jeff and I just watched it. Seeing those words on the screen did little to help with the pasta/bean thing. I’ve heard Lumiconi pronounced as “limigon” so I would never have gotten that one over the phone.

    Yay, Italian American dialects!

    Now I want pasta. Damn suggestible brain.

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