T-minus one hour…

Wow. It’s finally going to be on TV. And here I am without a TV. Turns out the cable TV to my company was never really tested. Surprise! It doesn’t work. So now I’m trying to stream it from home. Only that keeps stopping. ARGH! At least I can watch it when I get home, but I wanted to watch it “live”.

At least the stress is killing my nerves…

UPDATE: Thanks to the magic of UltraVNC, VLC, and Hauppage I am now streaming ABC to my company’s conference room. Who needs cable?

6 thoughts on “T-minus one hour…”

  1. What is it with you and cable? It’s like they drive around with your picture labeled “don’t let this guy’s TV work” taped to the dashboard of their trucks.

  2. Oh, and props to Sara. Those were some of the weirdest names for beans or spaghetti I’d ever heard of.

  3. Oh man, that call made me want to throw up. I haven’t seen it yet (Saturday? Bueller?) but the DVR should have picked it up.

  4. I’m glad people got my partial Invader Zim reference. And yes, I do believe the cables companies hate me. Perhaps I’ve ranted about them one too many times…

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