Commercials that crush my soul

Some news show was doing a segment on commercials you “love to hate” tonight. For starters, is there a more terribly overused phrase than that one? Secondly, isn’t there some real news that should be shown? Whatever. Anyway, they couldn’t help but show a clip of the most offensive commercial on TV. If you haven’t been subjected to it, I’m going to force it on you now:

I can only imagine that the guy in the dragon suit excuses himself to the bathroom and weeps uncontrollably whenever it comes on. Which is almost every freakin’ commercial break…

There aren’t that many other ads that so completely offend me on just about every level. There’s the many horrid campaigns of Burger King. From the creepy homo eroticism of the king to the frightening overreactions of the dregs that apparently eat there on a regular basis, each one of them makes me want to rush out and burn down one of their crappy restaurants. Now they are actually comparing Wendy’s to Russia because they sell baked potatoes… WTF?

Hmm… this topic sucks. Maybe tomorrow I should talk about commercials I actually like next time…

3 thoughts on “Commercials that crush my soul”

  1. I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that about The King, because otherwise I don’t think we can hang anymore.

    Also, you may enjoy the Hater’s take on that horrid cable commercial (better than her take on Cloverfield anyway) –

    Oh, and as far as good commercials, check out the new Snickers ads on YouTube. They rule. “The feast….it’s ruined!”

  2. I simply can’t agree with you on this – “crotch thrusting on the eight” has to be the best idea ever used in a commercial, hands down :p

  3. I don’t think there’s a more blatantly racist ad than the Optimum Online one… I mean, the hispanic guy is hanging off a fucking buoy. Mi gente, use OO to tell your relatives when you will be sending them day worker money! Sheesh.

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