Training Diary: Day 1

Dear Diary,

Today I took out my brand new bike for my first ride. It’s so pretty, I really, really like it a lot! It was so cold this morning, I almost frozed my fingers! But I rode anyway. I went all the way down this big hill. And then I went all the way back up the same hill. I must have gone almost a whole mile! But then I was really tired, so I went home. The end.

Your friend,


P.S. Why does my chest hurt?

7 thoughts on “Training Diary: Day 1”

  1. Very nice. Hopefully the bike isn’t so nice that when you crumple into a heap the paramedics put the bike on the stretcher instead, like in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

  2. The more you people blog about this ride, the less I want to do it. Oy.

    Maybe I’ll stay home and eat ice cream instead.

  3. @c-t – Well, I might have beat you out if my old bike didn’t need so much work. That was a graduation gift. High school graduation.

    @mizery – The 5 Boro is actually a lot easier than biking around my neighborhood. We are, pretty much, on a mountain. I did about a mile today before I could even get to a decent, flat road.

  4. Hey, I still have the bike that I got when I was 10 in my garage, and it was used when I got it. Now I have a pretty orange bike and I will probably die using it.

    I’d say we biked around 10 miles last summer and I nearly threw up on the Cape May lighthouse. Which = awesome. Granted it was close to 100 degrees that day with 99% humidity, but that’s still a bad omen.

    See you guys at the end of the race : I’ll be taking the shortcut.

  5. The ride out to the lighthouse was after about 15 miles of riding around Cape May city. You were OK for that part. With the rest stops on the 5 Boro, and it not being 100 degrees, it should be about the same amount of exhaustion.

    Thom, my bike dates back to Junior High, I got it in 1990.

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