Spread Firefox

Download Day is here! Yeah, kind of a dorky name – but isn’t that what you would expect from people excited about the release of a new web browser? I’ve been using Firefox 3 in beta form for a while on Ubuntu but am happy to do my part as they try to set a record for downloads with the final release today.

Download Day - English

Unless you’re already happily browsing on the likes of Opera or Safari, please do the web a favor and get yourself a decent browser. Firefox 3 has a lot of cool features and already appears to be running much better than Firefox 2. Just take a look at Webmonkey’s take on why you should download it NOW!!!

3 thoughts on “Spread Firefox”

  1. I’m just happy all my add-ons still worked, but aside from that it does seem to perform better. I haven’t tried my custom Raiders skin, so hopefully I don’t have to make any changes.

  2. Believe it or not, Firefox is banned at work and you get yelled at if it’s installed on your machine. IE is the standard (for whatever stupid fucking reason)

  3. @mizerychik – Wow, how incredibly forward-thinking of your company. MS is one of our biggest clients and even we are allowed to use Firefox.

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