And I shall call him… Bill

One day while riding my bike in preparation for the event which we do not speak of, I startled a heron who was fishing at the nearby pond. He took to flight and majestically headed towards another shore – only to be startled by a rather territorial Canadian goose and forced to double back to yet another shore. I couldn’t track where he landed, but was excited to see a bird I normally only encounter in the wildlife preserves of Florida hanging out near my house.

Flash forward to today…

An unfortunate series of events (don’t worry, nothing to be concerned about) found me driving out of my neighborhood at around 5:15 this morning. As I drive by the aforementioned pond, whom do I see standing in the water not more than 12 feet from the road? The very same heron… well… I’m guessing it’s the same bird. He’s a Great Blue Heron to be exact – which means he’s rather intimidating and awe-inspiring. I slowed down right by him to take a photo, but he was keen to my paparazzi-like motives and took to flight once again. Nevertheless, the encounter helped brighten a day that seemed destined for crappy things.

Looks like it’s time for an early morning bike ride this weekend…

2 thoughts on “And I shall call him… Bill”

  1. i wonder if that’s the same one that hangs out around here for a bit. we have one for a week, maybe two, in what passes for ponds here. stunning when it’s around. i nearly drove into the pond (off the one lane road) the first time i saw it.

  2. We have one at work that one of the gardeners wants to kill because it eats the koi out of the sunken garden.

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