What?! I’m a old! I’m confused!

As I paid for lunch this afternoon, an older woman in a postal uniform walked into the Quizno’s. Without a word she reached for the largest cup behind the counter and headed for soda fountain. All three employees began to watch her. As one handed me my sandwich his mouth actually dropped open – she was filling the cup up with soda. There was a moment where everybody in the shop was frozen, wondering if we were all witnessing the lamest shoplifting ever…

Finally one of them spoke up, “So, would you like a large soda?” Of course she answered yes and eventually paid. But I couldn’t help but think about Uncle Leo and his claims that all senior citizens stole. Maybe they really do just walk into stores and see how much they can get away with. I mean, who really wants to accuse a sweet old lady of criminal behavior? It’s much easier to just assume there was a reason for their actions – something other than thievery…

2 thoughts on “What?! I’m a old! I’m confused!”

  1. I’m totally doing that when I’m old. I’m going to have so much fun when I’m old. I’m going to pretend I can’t hear too.

    And I can’t wait until the girls are teens! Whoo boy! Good times!

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