You got bacon in my chocolate

The deed has finally been done. As if in much-belated answer to my cries for help, I came across a sampler bar for Mo’s Bacon Bar at Whole Foods a couple days ago. After carry it around like precious gold all day, The Woman and I split the half ounce of unholy/heavenly bliss with at least a modicum of trepidation. And the verdict?

It’s not fair. Such joy should not be so short-lived with scant chance of any future recurrences. Describing this delicacy as merely “salty and sweet” does no justice to the taste that lingered as long as I could avoid any other foodstuff approaching my lips. There is far more going on than just your typical contrasting flavor confection. No, this is more like taking the best start of the day with the best end of the day, and combining them so as to ignore everything that could go wrong in between.

Today I noticed someone else eyeing the candy bar in line and she expressed the same incredulity that many before her have. I simply said, “It’s really good chocolate and really good bacon and it’s worth it.”

Perhaps some day I’ll be blessed with a full size bar. Until then I’ll have to merely rely on my faint memories of a quarter ounce of ecstasy that once melted in my mouth…