I try to be good hard worker man…

My friend in the Gray Flannel Suit decided to add a “suggestion box” to his blog courtesy of Skribit as a way to generate ideas for new blog material. Being a “smartass” I couldn’t help but take advantage of a new text box and decided to drop in the line “I try to be good, hard worker man but refrigimator so messy, so, so messy.” Sadly, he is not a NewsRadio aficionado so the humor was on the more confusing side.

Since it ranks as one of my top 5 favorites shows of all time, I feel this world needs more NewsRadio aficionados. And thus I direct you all to the complete “Complaint Box” episode. For one of the all time funniest scenes, skip ahead to about 13:30. But when you have time, watch the whole thing and then hop on over to Hulu and enjoy the first 4 seasons.

4 thoughts on “I try to be good hard worker man…”

  1. I loved the cane episode. This one displeases me. And he throws the cane out the window.

  2. Sorry, Kristen has me hooked on Supernatural – I need to wrap up a few seasons of that before I can legally sign on to follow yet another TV series 🙂

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