Where do I begin? There’s these Russian women showing gratuitous cleavage while farming, cleaning, working in a machine shop, etc. Interested yet? Yeah, not really. But then some black metal music kicks in and… well… some Stalin zombies attack them. Have I got your attention? What if I told you that only one man could save them – Mikhail Gorbachev clad in a loin cloth with a shield and battle axe… And then it starts to get weird.

Bet you want to watch now:

There is so much awesome going on in that video it hurts. Hollywood has failed to bring me anything that cool. It makes Shoot ‘Em Up look like a documentary on childcare. When will the full length feature be coming? Not too surprisingly this was discovered on a blog entitled Awesome Robot (via Culture Kills). Now that’s a blog I need to be following!

6 thoughts on “Awesome”

  1. I like how Shoot ‘Em Up is the unofficial universal standard unit for F’ed up. And that said, this song should be the theme song for everything.

  2. Hi Thom

    The one thing I am certain of in this life is that God put me on this earth to be a Dad. I suspect you might find something similar for yourself. I am way ahead of you in years but looking back, I can tell you that the age Kayleigh is now was the most fun (lack of sleep and or fundage notwithstanding). They believe anything you tell them at that age. Tell them something magical everyday. Now my kids are in college and talking engagement rings and wedding ceremonies. You know I heard that if you squeeze them just a little bit each day, they never grow up and you will be the only boy that they will ever look at with adoring eyes. It’s too late for me, but you might want to try it.

    Oh and that Stalin Zombies video is way cool! You should share that at our favorite musical watering hole.

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