Too tired

For the first time since before Kayleigh was born, every post on the main page is from the current month. And it’s not even the middle yet. Hooray!

A missed button screwed up my chance of actually posting every day, but I didn’t let that stop me from becoming active again. But the reality is that this late night posting is becoming harder and harder. For the past couple nights, it seemed like things had turned a corner with some real contiguous hours of sleep. But once again the wee little one who refuses to tire out despite climbing the stairs 4 or 5 times reared her cute little head tonight. Le sigh.

A new routine must be established. Maybe lunchtime posts? Wouldn’t you all just love to hear what I’m eating each day? Probably better than the potential gibberish that may come out when I fall asleep at the keyboard.

I told myself there would be no lame posts talking about why there were no (lame) posts. Oh well…