As much as I love taking photos of Kayleigh, it sometimes feels like a photographic rut. But that has more to do with how few opportunities I get to be inspired away from her. But last night after finishing some quick clean up in the backyard I glanced towards the sunset and was reminded of other uses for my camera.

Sunset #1

I need to do a little touch up work, but you get the idea.

Fortunately another blogger’s work reminded me that sometimes inspiration is just a matter of stepping away from the flash and getting back to my favorite lens.

She makes it look easy
She makes it look easy

One thought on “Inspiration”

  1. Our house’s backyard faces West… I’m hoping I get my share of sunset shots from the master bedroom (once all the painting and whatnot is done and I can actually enjoy living there.) Plus it should be great for the summertime.

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