Best reality show ever

I caved. Or we caved. Somebody caved. After weeks of battling with the little one over her new desire to stand up in her crib in the middle of the night and demand attention, it was time for routines and reactions to be changed. And to help out, I finally ditched our el cheapo baby monitor and picked up one of those new fangled moving picture units. Only 10 or 12 months too late.

When a monitor was initially purchased, there wasn’t a whole lot of thought put into it. I wasn’t keen on anything beyond just audio – something just seemed a tad overkill with all of the video and motion sensors out there these days. Can’t we all just walk into the nurseries and accidentally wake wake our kids up while checking their breathing like parents did in ye olden days?

The issue finally came to a head this week when it was determined that we needed to know Kayleigh’s positioning before going into her room at night. Because sitting or standing while calling out for momma is a real priority over the typical grunts, sighs, groans, and grumblings let out while still lying down and half asleep.

In reality I’ve always liked the video feature because I’m very curious what our noisy little one is doing all night long with the tossing and the turning. For the first time tonight, I actually get to see those moments as they happen! So far she has straightened her legs out, curled them back in, rolled onto her right side, rolled back to her back and so much more. Seriously, I could watch this all night – especially if the night vision didn’t cast an otherworldly “color” on her (hooray for infrared).

P.S. First incident passed with flying… greyscale? She went back to sleep all on her own. Now if only I could.

2 thoughts on “Best reality show ever”

  1. I was saving this for my blog but you seem to be dealing with this now.

    When my kids were that age we would put them in the crib with the guard rail in the up and locked position. I would spend five minutes of settling down time with them and then it was lights out (with the glow worm night light of course, what do you think we are animals) and everybody goes to bed and goes to sleep. Usually this worked pretty well. But invariably they would wake up in the middle of the night and trade gibes across the hallway. “Go back to bed baby”. “I don’t want to be in my bed, I wan to be in your bed”. After a few minutes of this it was my job to get up and go in to handle the situation. So I would get up, go in, pull her out of the crib and sit in the rocker and sing this song in my best tenor voice.

    The song is about the travails of a man trying to handle his woman but the words fit perfectly for a baby girl trying to get her daddy to comprehend just who is boss around here.

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