It’s New Year’s Eve, why am I watching an idiot in a plaid suit?

The question is, do we just think that the New Year’s Eve TV specials were better because of our nostalgia-tinted glasses used when viewing our childhood or is this “I wanna be a billionaire” song really that stupid? Granted the audio is off and lots of lyrics come across as substandard when passed through closed captioning, but the ridiculousness of this guy’s plaid suit really overshadows any potential talent he may possess.

Yeah, it’s about ten minutes ’til 2011 and I’m watching crappy musical performances on Fox – because that’s a depressing way to end a year. Reba just took the stage, although it was difficult to recognize her under the whore makeup, and now it looks like Carrie Underwood was just shown putting as much enthusiasm into her clapping as she does with her performances.

This was not supposed to be a live blogging post but… wait, was there seriously a commercial for House? That show is still on? Hasn’t he cured lupus by now? Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, the end of one year and beginning of the next has snuck up on me once again. I’m too lazy to do a full “year in review” – especially for a year in which I rarely blogged – so let me just say that 2010 started on some really crappy notes, had a bunch of ups and downs, but really pulled itself together at the last minute for a heck of a finish. Was that generic enough? Sorry, but there’s too much that just can’t be spelled out on a blog. I will say that I feel far more comfortable and content with my family, job, life, etc. today than a year ago.

Resolutions aren’t exactly my bag and blogging-related ones are about as cliche as hipsters in car commercials¬†(zing!), but I really do plan on organizing/redefining things better around here in 2011 and posting far more regularly (we’ve heard that before). So I hope you all had an excellent year and are doing something far more fun and exciting right now that typing up a blog post. See you in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

One thought on “It’s New Year’s Eve, why am I watching an idiot in a plaid suit?”

  1. NYE shows have always been stupid. I remember sometime around 1990 when the US was intorduced to the Lambada (The Forbidden Dance!) on a NYE special.
    The crowds used to be more entertaining before they strictly enforced the no booze rules, and now the shows spend more time covering the “celebrity” guests. (New Kids on the Block? Really?)

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