And baby makes… 4!

We had a picnic at the Boonton facility this afternoon (that would be Friday). Along with the usual assortment of grilled meats courtesy of Cesar (including what could have been the greatest chicken I’ve ever had) we also partook in some vigorous sporting activities. Well, maybe not that vigorous. There was some football throwing, badminton (wait ’til you see the pictures), a little bit of soccer, a few volleyball matches, and sadly lastly Whiffle ball.

Pitching with a Whiffle ball is a difficult skill to master. I didn’t even give it a try, because I knew how much I’d embarass myself. The game eventually boiled down to a contest of who could resist the urge to swing the bat at all. With a small strike zone and occasional breezes there must have been a record number of walks – not to mention most batters being hit multiple times. Our four-run inning did not include a single hit. By the end we started swinging at anything to either add mroe excitement, or simply end the inning. The other team did have a partially-contested grand slam home run, but even that came after something like 5 consecutive walks. We definitely need to reconsider the rules for this competition, because this game was close to torture.

The CEO witnessed this travesty (and probably discovered my secret, that I plan work in Boonton around their BBQs) and made a remark about Fairfield having crushed Boonton the last time they played softball (befor I was working there). Well, Paul decided that was a challenge, and sent out a company-wide e-mail that could put me in some hot water. But hey, if it results in the two facilities having a good time together, I’m all for it.

Unfortunately I don’t do so well in the sun these days. And after a few beers, running around in some intense sunlight and heat left me with quite a headache. But even after that went away, I managed to get a sunburn, and just overall come out feeling crappy. I was also wuite tired by the time I got home, so it was an early bedtime for me. Lisa, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep at all. She stayed up watching a movie and doing God knows what. Then, about half an hour ago, her phone rings. Looks like her sister is going into labor. This will be her second child, and Lisa did such a fine job filming the first one she had to rush out with a multitude of cameras to cover the event this time.

So that’s where I stand. It’s after 2 AM, and I just had to sort through DV cassettes, memory cards, and batteries to make sure that Lisa was fully-equipped. She then hopped into my car and headed off for a hospital somewhere off Route 1. I am now left in a half awake/half asleep state and not sure what to do with myself. Hmm, I could really go for some more of that chicken.

3 thoughts on “And baby makes… 4!”

  1. Figures they’d have this game after I finally break free from the Vortex of Hell find a position in another company. And I am particularly good at Wiffer Ball, too. I know this because they always yell “she’s a wiffer…” whenever I come up to bat. I’m not all up on sports lingo or anything, but I’m pretty sure that must a compliment. What a friendly game.

  2. The Vortex, you say? I think I’ll have to name my office that – I’ll even put a sign over the door. The game may have been friendly, but it was boring as all. I just started chanting “Easy Out” for every batter to try to start a brawl or something. Hopefully softball will be better.

  3. Figures a sport I can actually play. And badmitton too! All I could rely on in my day was some bowling on occasion. Then again, I was att eh Fairfield facility, and our parties simply weren’t as good.

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