Holiday Cheer

I’m not one for celebrating holidays, and I despise the very thought of Christmas. However, these times certainly do give us the opportunity to spend time with our family. And for that, I am thankful (whoops, wrong holiday). So I hope everyone has been enjoying their time off, and spending it well. Me, I’ve still got the rest of the week. Perhaps some of it won’t be spent sitting on my ass.

Saturday was dinner at my parents. It was very nice, although I felt a tad off. For some reason Christmas was always spent at my sister Lisa and her husband Matt’s house (even though most of us don’t celebrate). But this was our first one without her. Matt spent the day with his side of the family instead, so we did our own thing. He will be having us over on New Year’s Day for dinner. Perhaps a new tradition is in order, anyway.

Speaking of New Year’s, Lisa and I have been debating about what to do Friday night. As it turns out, Montclair is having a big New Year’s Eve celebration. It may be dry, but I’m sure that we can still have fun. Anyone in the area still looking for something to do is more than welcome to join us. Peace out for now, Lisa and I are on our way to Peddler’s Village for a little shopping extravaganza on her birthday.