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I’ve got about 20 posts running around in my head… well, maybe they’re jogging (haven’t been to the gym in a week afterall). The problem is, they all come at once. So then I have to debate about which one to start with. And then I get worried that I’ll post too many right in a row. And then some will get lost in the shuffle. And then my readers will miss the good ones. And then they’ll start to think that my site isn’t worth reading anymore. And then no one will come visit me anymore. And then I’ll get really depressed and lonely and spiral into a lost weekend of drunkenness. And then I’ll feel really crappy going back to work. And then I’ll get fired because I’m constantly hungover. And then I’ll end up on the street with no Internet access, so how could I possibly get out of my funk at that point?

So you see my dilehma, right? After all is said and done, I never even get around to a second post that day (unless its for some stupid meme). But now I’ve got such a backlog of posts in my head I can barely walk without chewing gum at the same time… nevermind.

In my excitement over all of the work goodness this past weekend I forgot to mention that Lisa also has good news on the professional front. She’s go a new job! I tend to ignore any possible financial problems we face, but with a wedding, house hunting, and dozens upon dozens of babies down the road, it’s time we really started saving. And my salary – while decent for me – just isn’t enough for all of it. Lisa just couldn’t contribute enough with her current massage therapy hours, and couldn’t add anymore without completely draining herself physically. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for her to find a different opportunity.

Although she didn’t get the admissions position she originally applied for, the Helma Institute decided to give her a teaching position instead. This will let her continue dealing with a field she enjoys, but cut down on the hours of touching creepy guys strenuous physical work. I’m looking forward to having her less tired and stressed out (oh, and the money).

Plus, this means we’ll get to go shopping for new clothes for her soon. Not that I’m complaining about her wardrobe, rather Lisa is not too keen on her current closet situation. That doesn’t really matter, though, because our shopping trips always devolve into hours of me picking out and trying on stuff. What can I say, I was raised by 6 older sisters!

Which brings me to my next point – I am in love with Ben Sherman! I’ve never met the man, but boy can he design some killer pants and shirts. I will soon go further into debt thanks to the discounts available over at Bluefly. Not only do they have these ridiculously cool pants for only 53 bucks, but they also have what will henceforth be known as the greatest shirt ever made! I swear, once that shirt comes in, I can throw out all others as it is the only one I plan on wearing from that moment forward! The rest of my wardrobe pales in comparison! I may not even need pants, that shirt is so awesome! And yes, I do need to use this many exclamation points when talking about THE GREATEST SHIRT KNOWN TO MAN! (I think I’ve been readin Dooce too much).

Forward to my shopping cart!

P.S.(I scored a 71 on The greatest ever 80s’ Tunes Test, largely because I don’t remember many lead singers. But I refuse to post their results as I’m sick of OKCupid!’s horrid output code invalidating my site!)

3 thoughts on “In Other News”

  1. I don’t think I have ever paid as much as $53 for a pair of pants. I bought myself a pair of pants today att eh thrift store for $1.50. Much more my speed. You’re such a fashionista!

  2. Hello…I met you at the Slow Foods Social yesterday, and stopped by to tell you that I added you to my LJ Friends list: hope you don’t mind. I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch and also let you know where to find the recipe journal I keep. (It’s listed on both the TypePad journal and on the LJ biopage.)

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet Lisa. Hopefully you’ll both be able to come to the next gathering, which is at our house, and happens to be on my birthday!

  3. Of course I don’t mind, and you have been friended in return. Once I redo this site, I’ll also be linking to your site and others.

    I hope to make the next gathering with Lisa, too.

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