LOW @ Bowery Ballroom

Last Monday night I went to the Bowery with one of my sisters (Maureen, if you insist on being so nosey) to see LOW. Aside from it being terribly late for a weekday night (I didn’t get back until 2:something) and terribly expensive to park (i.e. more than the ticket for the show itself), it was a fabulous show. Although we spent most of the first act trying to figure out if Death Vessel was male or female and what the deal with all of the overhead projectors was, the second band (His Name Is Aliveseen here) was a definite pleasant surprise. I even picked up a couple CDs from them.

But the main attraction was LOW. If you don’t know them, you should. They are classified as “slowcore” or “sadcore” but their later albums have definitely branched out to explore both harsher and more pop-oriented sounds. Right now I’m regretting not including “California” in my list of what’s blowing me away (which really needs to become a regular item around here). You should definitely check out the amazing Things We Lost in the Fire whenever you get the chance. In the meantime, I managed to take a couple shots at the end of the show:

Alan SparhawkMimi Parker & Zak Sally