We survived

Snowcapped Home
Originally uploaded by Thom Slattery.

In case you couldn’t tell from the previous posts, we survived our first snowstorm in the new house. While I don’t mind a little physical labor, shoveling 20 inches of snow (no matter how short the driveway) is not a fun Sunday afternoon activiy when you’ve spent the last week moving boxes and rearranging furniture. I am exhausted in more ways than I though possible.

Anywho, since I have had requests (yes, believe it or not, I have), here are some updated photos of the progress that is our home.

2 thoughts on “We survived”

  1. Hey,
    Somehow that entire week that I wasn’t on-call came and went before I knew it. I still want to swing by to help with some of the unpacking, or whatever it may be you’re doing that day. Maybe after work some day next week?
    Anyway, glad to see you’re enjoying the new place 🙂

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